Religious Peace Building In Rivers State
With Support From The Department Of State, United States Of America. It has always been a welcome circumstance when individuals or organizations with peace building capacity step into the gap to try and cover our country’s (Nigeria) inability to effectively manage ethnic and religious conflicts. It is therefore highly necessary that in relation to managing religious conflicts, efforts should be made in particular towards peace‐making activities related to education, volunteer work, development cooperation, environmental protection, human rights or social problems of an aging society done in a spirit of religious tolerance which transcends religious boundaries. These activities will vitalize local communities through
interdisciplinary workshops and meetings with particular emphasis on collaboration by groups and individuals from diverse organizations and religious groups. At this level it is expected that the stakeholders will come up with some new values with an independent mind that will inspire the people to think about how other people living in far away countries are relating to their own lives there by encouraging development of local activities in which people "think globally, and act locally.

Project Objectives
The objective of this project is to promote interreligious understanding and cooperation by teaching religious equality and tolerance thereby sustaining a peaceful society. The project will build advocacy and communications efforts which will ensure that the religious peace in Rivers State remain and is further strengthened. The project will also at the same time secure the strongest possible language relating to religious peace in Rivers State. Religious Peace Building in Rivers State will last for 12 months so as to sensitize the residents and at the same time build the capacity of selected stakeholders on human rights, equality, tolerance and peace promotion in relation to our religious diversity. The project will cover the 23 Local Government Areas of the state with the three senatorial zones as focal points. The project will organize a set of capacity‐building programs for the targeted religious leaders through networks and provide support in addressing religious issues and facilitate the advocacy of religious rights.

It will also build partnerships with these networks to sustain freedom of religious awareness at the grassroots and mainstream youth and women’s participation in local religious peace‐building operations. The project will finally initiate a religious peace building club in one university and two secondary schools in the city so as to carry the upcoming generation along in the project and also initiate a religious peace building network of organizations that will unite the different religious leaders that their capacities have been built under one umbrella.

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